Welcome to
the 2022 Virtual Card Benchmark Survey


Thank you for joining so many others by participating in the 2022 Virtual Card Benchmark Survey. Based on the support of 20 major issuers, Commercial Payments International , and the NAPCP, we expect this will be the North American market’s largest survey of virtual card use ever.

The benefits for you? In addition to free downloads of prior RPMG studies (see “Benefits of Participation” below), the Results you will receive for completing the 2022 survey will provide you and your organization with valuable current market trend data and actionable best practice insights to help optimize the value of virtual card use . Further, you will find “benchmark norms” for virtual card spending and supplier enablement strategies, organized to suit your type and size of organization—very important data for evaluating your virtual card progress and managing relationships with your issuer. This edition will also inform on how unprecedented market events (i.e., pandemic, remote work) and technology advances are influencing virtual card programs. After intensive data analytic investigation, we anticipate emailing the Results to you on or about March 31.

A couple instructions for taking the survey. This is a detailed benchmark study designed to provide all participants with rich and actionable data. While response time can vary depending on how readily available information is at your organization and the number of applicable questions answered, the survey should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If for any reason you do not know the answer to a question (other than a handful of “required” items), simply leave the item blank and move forward to conclusion. We encourage you to finish the survey in one session.

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