Important Instructions to Complete the Survey

You have two options to participate in the survey: (1) complete the online survey, or (2) request and complete a hardcopy version. Below is discussion about the web version (easiest and recommended option) and can be accessed here. For the hardcopy, request it here.
Survey navigation. After completing the questions on a page, click the forward arrow button (at the bottom of the screen) to move forward through the survey. You can go to the previous page by clicking the backward arrow button. If you make any changes while reviewing a previous page, please use the forward arrow button to continue and save those changes. Do not use your browser's backward or forward buttons.
Survey guidelines. As you go through the survey, keep the following in mind: (1) questions marked “Required” must be answered to continue; (2) for all other questions, if it does not apply to your organization or the answer is unavailable for any reason, simply leave the item blank and move forward; and (3) your response is only considered complete after clicking the “Submit Survey” button on the final page.
Input errors. If there has been an error in your input (for example, answering 110% to a question that cannot be greater than 100%), then after you click the forward arrow button, the survey will show a message above the question with the erroneous answer. Please correct the answer as directed and click the forward arrow button to continue.
Completing the survey in multiple sessions. We highly recommend completing the survey in one session. However, you are able to leave the survey and resume where you left off at a later time, provided you return to the survey with the same browser on the same device. Please note that if your browsing data has been cleared or you use a different device, the survey link will create a new response.
Corrections.If you need to make any corrections to your previously submitted survey response, please send us an email (, and your changes will be accommodated.
Time to complete. Most of the survey questions can be answered with simple selections or by providing certain card usage statistics. While it varies for respondents depending on how readily available information is at the organization and the number of applicable questions answered, the survey should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes