Benefits of Participation  

In recognition of your contribution of time and effort, all organizations completing this survey will receive a free, electronic copy of the 2022 Virtual Card Benchmark Survey Results. The 2022 Report will provide rich and actionable data to assist in optimizing virtual card use and value, including:
  • Virtual card benchmark norms and strategies by organization type and size, and
  • Current and future industry market trends related to virtual cards including spending, use of mobile devices, supplier enrollment strategies, how recent unprecedented market events (i.e., pandemic, remote work) are affecting virtual card use, and more.
In addition to the current survey results, you will receive:
  • PDF copies of RPMG’s Covid-19 Card Use Impact Report, as well as the 2018 Virtual Card Benchmark Survey Results , downloadable immediately upon submission of the completed survey, and
  • Any early response incentives identified in your invitation letter.
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